She will offer five consecutive quests to get your first pet. Don't abandon the quest or you will have to start it from the beginning because each task needs to be completed in succession. Quest steps are: Give her your elemental keystone Note: You can't do this quest if you don't have a primal clancollect 5 lost letters and put them in postboxes See postbox locations on its pagecollect 15 deep forest mushrooms, and answer her riddle The Dermon stuffie isn't the answer to the riddle, it's just a hint, she won't take the stuffie as an answer.

You can only have 3 pets out at once. This limit is raised to 4 anytime your primary clan is in power, however. To disable pets from showing up in the game, go into your settings, click on Filters, and click on "Filter Pets" Which can be re-enabled too! After getting the battle pet egg from killing demons or trading with other players, you must take it to Mythora with one pet active. The pet you had out will return to your pet menu as a Ravne. There are two colors for the Ravne, blue with pink eyes or purple with gold armor and blue eyes.

You can now breed Magikins by having two different ones active and clicking on the Magikin incubator. You'll have to wait 12 real life hours Or 6 if you breed with a friend before you can receive your egg Make sure to have enough stable space for one.

Breeding Magikins costs no gil. If the parents of the egg have unstable gene stability; approximately with lower gene stability, the egg is at a higher risk to not making it. Your pet may ask for the following items in-game: red or green apples they only accept the apples with leavesoranges, pears, carrots, mangoes, pebbles, bananas, four leafed clovers springsummerstrawberries springsummercookies, lemons, peaches, pumpkins fallmushrooms falltomatoes, ears of corn, and pet treats found in Mythora's store.

They may also ask for affection with a heart. All of these give giland giving your pet what it wants slowly levels up its affection, making it give you more gil and eventually help you attack demons.

Pets now have actions that they blurt out e. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. Fan Feed 0 Keystone 1 Pets 2 Locations. Universal Conquest Wiki. Radish Dragon. Scroll Searcher.

5 6 height in feet

Aszerath's Towergil. Ravne Battle Pet. Name Changer. Will randomly give your pet a new name from a list of names scroll down to the bottom to see all the names. Change Pet Color. Change Pet Species. Will change the species of your pet randomly to another one of the four types This feature can't be used to turn your pet into a Ravne. Allows you to permanently sell your pet for gilamount given depends on the affection level. Change Magikin accessory.

Will give your magikin a random accessory eg. Bows, hats, handkerchiefs, necklaces, etc. Change Magikin Accessory color. Allows you to change your magikins accessory color randomly.The Broken Ones are a new species in Dergun Town at the time this page is being made. They are an open species, meaning anyone is allowed to create a Broken One character.

Their bodies' color can range anywhere from grey to black. They can have a variety of colors on other parts of their bodies, and though it is possible to have multiple colors accenting them, usually they stick to one type of color. Usually this part of their coloring shows through flecks or designs on their bodies, and often in parts of their limbs like horns, wings, ears, legs, and tail.

dergun town wiki pets

They can wear accessories, usually lost ones they find, or ones given to them by those they trust. Broken Ones are formed when a star shard breaks, which gives their species their name. It is unknown why or how, but when a star shard is broken, it forms a young Broken One. If the broken star shard fragments are separated far enough somehow before they form a Broken One, it ends up forming two, or sometimes even more than two, almost identical Broken Ones.

Multiple Broken Ones formed from the same star shard are called "kindreds". Kindred Broken Ones can have the ability to sense their other kindred's feelings. Though only kindred Broken Ones are the only ones that are actually related to each other, Broken Ones can share many other types of bonds, like friendship and love.

Though Broken Ones don't usually share a parental bond with others of their species, if a Broken One wishes to share that bond, they may offer to be the caretaker of a younger Broken One.

The Broken Ones can sometimes be found anywhere that has water or minerals on the pg safe server. Some of these places include spawn, the lake and docks, and the crystal forest. The Broken Ones are not territorial, and aren't hostile to visitors unless they show that they mean harm.

As already mentioned, The Broken Ones are very fascinated with things they haven't seen before, which is how hunters bait them into traps. A rare sight to see is known as the song of the Broken Ones, which has become rarer and rarer due to hunting. The Broken Ones have a cavity inside their bodies that can generate a resonating effect, which causes their beautiful song. The Broken Ones live in groups and when they are about to start singing, they gather in a circle.

dergun town wiki pets

Though it is a sad truth, The Broken Ones can die. When they are old, they have a choice to die, but not all Broken Ones are lucky enough to live to that point in their life.

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When a Broken One dies, their stone bodies crumble and collapse, revealing their star shard core. One can usually tell how old a Broken One was at the time of their death by looking at how intact their star shard core is. If the star shard is still broken or was only first starting to heal, then that means that that Broken One was still young, if their star shard is almost or fully healed, it means that they were starting to reach old age or were already at old age.

When a Broken One has died, other Broken Ones can use their star shard core to look at the passed Broken One's memories.

Though there isn't a way yet, some Broken Ones have been trying to find a way to bring back their dead friends.Hello all you wonderful people, I have made a list of things that should help you while playing Dergun Town.

I tried to include everything I learned while getting frustrated for the lack of information for this game. Items, commands, keystones, and anything else thats excluded from the wiki. Fruits spawn randomly throughout the map, there is no set location for them.

dergun town wiki pets

You can find conkers by large trees, here is an image of the item. Snowdrops are flowers, here is an image of them. Acorns can be found by certain trees, here is an image of an acorn and the tree. Crocuses are an orange flower, here is an image of one.

Tomatoes, turnips, ears of corn and wheat can be found at the farm. The locations are obvious so I will not be linking an image. Hay and straw are in two different hay bales. Red is straw and green is hay, here is the image. Pinecones can be found by trees, here is an image. Winter stars look like this. Pebbles can be found in the mountains, they look like this. Bones can be found in the demon field, they look like this Snowflowers can be found a bit outside the crossroads, those big flowers with blue or purple stems.

I don't have an image for one currently though, sorry. I think that's all. LightstoneWind is on a floating island above the voidFire is in the corralDark can be obtained through quests from this dude. The amount of quests is completely random, it took me over quests to get the dark keystone. More keystone info! I believe you can be stone, fire, water, leaf, life, wind or light and also be dark. Dark is a secondary element. I'd like to add something! If you buy a coloured crystal shard in the Crystal Forest at one of the boothsyou can bring it to the chest in the middle of the pond in the Crystal Forest.

If you click on the chest with the crystal in your mouth you get a little shiny effect around your character that's the colour of the crystal you bought. If so dang, he just wanted apples :. I'm told by folks on the discord that this isn't true. You cannot quest for Rhubarb if you have the dark tag on, but you can take it off whenever, and you aren't prevented from earning it if you quest with Rhubarb.

Oh well I guess- I'm surprised keystones aren't per character? Since you might have one pony who'd really "go with" wind but another OC that'd work far better with their own lore taking on light. Folks on the Discord tell me this information about Rhubarb and the Dark tag are, thankfully, incorrect. I'll edit my post. So I'm not sure why it isnt working--? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.Xe was introduced in the V0.

Pets will have an auto-generated name, color, and species that can be changed by spending gil in Mythora's store. Clicking on xyr with a pet out will give you the option to spend 30 GIL to add one affection level to your peteach level goes up in price by 10 GIL. You can Sell your pets for free Allows you to permanently sell your pet for gilamount given depends on the affection level. Xe can also level up your pet to assist you in battle more to do it, let one pet out and talk to xyr, it will cost some gil to level up a petbut you can feed it and pet it to slowly level up it ,and turn a pet into a raven, the battle pet.

They keep to themselves. Shame they don't just take each other. Not useful in battle, but helpful to balance yourself. It's fun to see. I wouldn't go trying now. Haven't gotten permission from the castle to sell them yet.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Background [ edit edit source ] Mythora is an NPC who owns the pet shop that makes obtaining pets in DergunTown possible. Categories :.

Cancel Save. Fan Feed 0 Keystone 1 Pets 2 Locations. Universal Conquest Wiki.Magikins are a type of pet introduced in the V0. You can buy them at Mythora's pet shop for gil each. Magikins come in many different varieties, and each part of their body apart from torso shape and legs differs based on their genes.

Variable genes include all colors, head shape including earstail, markings, wings, horns and spines, and eyes. The official page on magikins can be found herewhich includes a trait previewer feature. Runes and accessories will not be inherited or passed onto offspring, as they are not hereditary, but magicians may rarely be born with a rune depending on your primary clan. You can breed Magikins by having exactly two active at the same time and clicking on the Magikin incubator in Mythora's shop.

The Broken Ones

Breeding is free, but you'll have to wait 12 real-time hours before you can get your egg. Note that the displayed time may not be accurate to your timezone- it may be helpful write down what time you put it in rather than use the stated time.

You can also breed Magikins with other players on your friends list, cutting down the hatch time to 6 real-time hours. Open stable space, which can be purchased from Morado's tent, is required to breed new pets.

At any time, you can check your pet's genes by clicking on the gene boards found next to the Magikin incubator and in the magikin sales room. Breeding Magikins is the only way to create ones with runes, and the runes you can get depend on your primary clan.

Color is semi-randomly determined by the parent magikin's colors, and will fall somewhere between the parent hues. If a magikin has no genentic instability, it won't show the gene stability on the board but there's a chance to lower your magikin's gene stability to have it possibly show up is by purchasing the "Decrease genetic stability" item for 75 magikin tokens; if you try purchasing the "Increase genetic stability" item which is the same token priceIt'll reject because your magikin has no genetic instability.

Magikin Traits are listed below. Traits have a [letter] next to them, denoting their rarity. For 10 gilYou can give your magikin a random accessory eg. Bows, hats, handkerchiefs, necklaces, etc. For 10 gilyou can change a magikin's accessory color randomly. You can sell your magikin for any amount of gil and will be eligible for showing next time the market updates, and they will appear in the Magikin sales room for others to look at and purchase.

Once a magikin is officially on the market, you can cancel a sale from your pets tab at any time as long as you have a spare slot for the pet available, and it has not been bought.

Gil earned from a sold magikin will appear in the same place as the magikin while it was being sold, and can be collected from there. Magikin Tokens can be earned by selling your magikin s to Mythora by clicking on the "Sell Pet " egg Magikins only. Rhubarb sometimes gives out tokens to be generous, and Argoras gives out tokens if stats are maxed out. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Categories :. Cancel Save. Fan Feed 0 Keystone 1 Pets 2 Locations.Shorks or Screes were possibly the first species, other than the pony, to exist in the game.

The species usually work in a similar way to a cult. A large amount of the species appears on the game, and depending on where it goes afterwards, the species will either die off, become bothersome for other ponies around them, or live long enough to simply be widely accepted.

Their behavior can also vary and change over time. A species can start off as innocent and welcoming, then slowly become obnoxious or vice-versa. Some can start out hostile towards others or themselves. Many species are known for often getting in territory wars with their neighbors and civil wars between themselves.

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Although currently Pony Town might be possibly heading toward mass extinction event. For the couple months species from new and old are starting to disappear left and right from Pony Town. We still don't have clean answer why this has happened, but its believe something to do with custom servers and large military role-player groups. Some groups in Pony Town are extremely problematic and personally attack, scam, or attempt to grief other people outside of roleplay scenarios.

Others are known for stealing designs of other ponies. Some groups will try to claim a spot of the map as their territory, this can end negatively, with the kicking out of any other species or fandom using the space. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Problematic Groups Some groups in Pony Town are extremely problematic and personally attack, scam, or attempt to grief other people outside of roleplay scenarios. Categories :.This app provides me with the most details for my AliExpress shipments. I really like the tracking dashboard where I can. AfterShip is perfect in many regards but specifically for prevention of lost deliveries. By having a heads up from After.

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dergun town wiki pets

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