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Sales: Workshop: Your shopping cart is empty. Brand New Pumaspeed Red Top 1. ST Fiesta 1. A Fully Forged and Fresh Built 2. Designed in house at Pumaspeed with our In most modern BMWs, the typical way to integrate a water meth kit is to replace the entire charge pipe kit, however for the B58 the stock charge pipe is very di EBC Racing's Balanced Big Brake Kits represent the ultimate braking upgrade, replacing the vehicle's original front brake calipers with high performance Pumaspeed Racing Fiesta 1.

Milltek Sport by Pumaspeed. Eibach Suspension Direct. AP Coilovers Suspension Direct. Bilstein - Suspension Direct. KW - Suspension Direct. Finance payments made easy with hello15, 15 weeks, absolutely interest free. Model Select Fiesta. Transit Van.

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Audi RS. Audi S. The Pumaspeed Team can service and maintain your vehicle. For an appointment please click here. Opening Hours. Fiesta 1. X on stock injectors Nov VAT In most modern BMWs, the typical way to integrate a water meth kit is to replace the entire charge pipe kit, however for the B58 the stock charge pipe is very di Follow Us.Sales: Workshop: Your shopping cart is empty.

Dragy Record holder kmh under 7 seconds. Tial 44mm External Wastegate and Screamer Pipe to the floor. There have been many sporting variants of the European Fiestathe Mk1 of course testing- the-water 1.

Fast-forward tohowever, and things start to get a little confused. The now-discontinued Mk7 Fiesta ST, with its 1. And the current Mk8 ST, with its three- cylinder motor?

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That dinky triple may boast similar figures to the Mk7, and the car is unquestionably excellent, as the trophy cabinet at Ford HQ demonstrates We're deliberately leading you up a dark alley. But that hasn't stopped Pumaspeed from tearing the new Mk8 champ apart and retrofitting some older power under the bonnet to turn it into the car Pumaspeed think it should have been from the start.

And we at Fast Ford Mag think that's quite a bold move. In the twenty years since the company was founded, they've grown into an aftermarket colossus, covering all models and developing into a market-leading authority on EcoBoost tuning. Covering everything from Zetec S models all the way up to the Mk3 Focus RS, they produce many of their own parts and supply premium quality components from around the world.

The company's work speaks for itself, and numerous Pumaspeed builds have appeared in these pages over the years, with their parts and advice influencing countless more.

BEST- OF Ford Fiesta ST Sounds Compilation 2020!

So how did this particularly outlandish creation come about? After all, tearing down a new car with the bullish position that you think you can do better is a pretty outrageous game to play. The following month, this Fiesta was found on a well- known online salvage auction site; it had a broken strut, front hub and driveshaft, and the rear axle was bent. It also had minor body panel damage, and required new bumpers at each end.

The Mk8 was duly snapped up, and immediately stripped down to assess what level of repairs were required before the team could start building it up into something sensational. The goal was to have it running and ready by the time Ford Fair rolled around, so there was little time to lose.

And by June we were in-depth in the creation of a very expensive one-of-a-kind motor This was always going to be a radical headturner of a car, a master of the double-take when the bonnet was lifted, so the Pumaspeed team were keen to ensure that this particular four-cylinder EcoBoost pushed all the right emotive buttons.Sales: Workshop: Your shopping cart is empty.

Pumaspeed Demo Fiesta Zetec S cc shown above. Pumaspeeds experience with the Ford Fiesta range is second to none.

pumaspeed fiesta st mk7

Pioneering the reintroduction of Performance Manifolds in with their 13 year tuning partner Milltek Sport. Delivering a true bhp from the Pumaspeed top of the range power kit the driving game has been lifted. Together with braking and suspension modifications Pumaspeed can turn your new Fiesta Mk7into a true Pocket Rocket that will eat the straights and more importantly corner like its on rail tracks. Set of 4 TrackLite Alloy Wheels 17x7. Fiesta Mk7 and Mk7. Rear Axle with Disc Brakes.

Engine Stock at Pumaspeed. Pipercross Panel Filter Fiesta Mk. Fiesta Mk7 1. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Full Service. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Interim Service. Brake Fluid Change - All Models. Fiesta Zetec S Coolant Hose kit. KW Variant 1 Coilover suspension kit. Eibach Lowering Springs Mk. Pumaspeed Racing 12mm 4 Stud Wheel Spacers. Pumaspeed Racing 15mm 4 Stud Wheel Spacers. Pumaspeed Racing 20mm 4 Stud Wheel Spacers. DZX Pumaspeed Domed Badge. Pumaspeed Full Car Wrap. Pumaspeed Sunstrip.

Quaife differential for the IB5 type gear box. Milltek Sport by Pumaspeed.A Cobb Accessport to tune engine. These are stock frame hybrid turbos. This means that they are bolt-on replacements with minimal modifications.

pumaspeed fiesta st mk7

We include all the parts you need to bolt this on your vehicle. Intercooling, exhaust, and intake modification enhance the overall performance of the vehicle and we recommend these but they are NOT a requirement to run this turbo upgrade.

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Here are some of highlights of the PumaSpeed X47 Hybrid:. Focus ST See all Back. Focus RS See all Back. Fiesta ST See all Back. Mustang EcoBoost See all Back. Ford F See all Back.

Fiesta Mk7.5 1.0

Fusion EcoBoost See all Back. Porsche See all Back. More Contact us Sign in My account.

pumaspeed fiesta st mk7

Do you have Engine Upgrades? Sold out. Whats the Secret? The OEM Stock Ford turbo has one limiting factor, its was never designed to flow the amount of exhaust gases to produce north of whp. All regular off the shelf exhaust shafts are either rated to bhp and bhp by the Borg Warner factory. To extract any more power from this KP39 unit you must either shoe horn another turbocharger into the standard exhaust housing or make a larger turbine shaftwe believed this larger shaft option to be the best and most cost effective solution.

Another very important consideration is reliability the 45mm diameter turbine would leave enough metal in the exhaust housing to guarantee structural strength, any bigger and without serious long term track testing and hot to cold cycles we could not have guaranteed the Ford OE Housing structural integrity.

The visual differences are quite astonishing, take a look below. The new expected flow rate is far superior. X- 47 shaft spec is X- 37 shaft spec is Stock shaft spec is Not Content with just making the the massive flow increases on the exhaust side we set about making a minor change to the compressor side also. OE Cast alloy wheel size Write review.

Nathan G. The turbo package has everything you would need for swapping out the stock turbo on the vehicle. Installation was very straightforward with good instructions provided with the package. Could not be happier with the product itself as everything works wonderfully. The real treat of this is the included custom tune by Alex, which if you look on the custom tunes pages you'll see my review of the process there.Sales: Workshop: Your shopping cart is empty.

Stratagem iMap Fiesta ST Turbosmart Fiesta ST 1. Piper Cams 1. Piper Uprated Camshaft Kit 1. Forge Atmospheric Dump Valve Kit. Forge Recirculating Dump Valve Kit. Genuine Ford New 1.

pumaspeed fiesta st mk7

Pumaspeed Bulletproof 1. Pro Alloy Baffled Sump Kit 1. Titan 1. Enhance Performance Fiesta ST 3. Turbo to Downpipe Locking Fasteners R-Sport Fiesta 1. Uprated Fiesta ST 1. Pumaspeed Aluminium Shifter Bush Kit. Pipercross Panel Filter Fiesta Mk.

Ford Performance Tuning : Fiesta ST180 Mk7

Set of 4 TrackLite Alloy Wheels 17x7.Sales: Workshop: Your shopping cart is empty. With over 20, testing miles now completed Pumaspeed are happy to release the staged power kits for the 1. From the entry level bhp kit to the range topping ZS bhp kitPumaspeed are the unrivaled 1. The Newest Fiesta Engine from the Ford Motor Company is a real ECO dream, with fuel economy high into the 60's and 70 mpg its a very real improvement on the older cc VCTi unit that can trace it roots back into the 's.

Don't for one second think that this pocket engine 1. With the quick spooling small turbo it will easily out pace any previous cc Fiesta zetec kits, the older cc ST is also no problem for this motor in tuned form.

So what power can this engine actually achieve without sacrificing Longevity and Economy? After 20, miles of testing, and consultation with many engineers around the world, Pumaspeed have explored many versions of engine tune and component combination to bring a selection of products that will enhance the performance of the Fiesta 1.

Each kit is built from a set of components that add extra flow the induction and exhaust systems of the motor.

Fiesta 1.6 EcoBoost Makes 500bhp

The components can be purchased one at a time, or in a full upgrade kit which can be fitted at the Pumaspeed workshop. The limit we are happy to push the stock piston and rod combination to is bhp which is more than the stock turbo can deliver. Come and take a run in the Pumaspeed Demo ZS you will be astonished. Ford Fiesta 1. Fiesta 1. Set of 4 TrackLite Alloy Wheels 17x7. Fiesta Mk7 and Mk7. Fiesta MK7. Fiesta Mk7. Rear Axle with Disc Brakes.Sales: Workshop: Your shopping cart is empty.

The Fiesta ST has now come of age. The cost of buying one has become quite easily affordable and we find the number being turned into track weapons is becoming higher and higher. Since it's release in we have owned between 10 and 20 STs and each one has been developed and developed again. We've had stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 with hybrid turbos that made bhp, bhp and now bhp with the X47R.

The Stage 1R package takes your ST to where the car should have left the factory with up to bhp. The most fun out of your stock turbocharger. The infamous X47R hybrid turbo, need we say anymore. Tried, tested and perfected over the years. Over units sold and fitted to as many cars. We consistently see bhp on every car that comes through our workshop as we have learnt what hardware pairs with this turbo and the MAXD Out software could not be better. The new generation of X Series turbos starts here with the X57, a pioneering advancement in turbochargers for the Ford aftermarket scene.

We've been developing this turbo for over a year and we can confidently say we know what it needs to put your ST in the bhp club. S who? This is the answer. The pinnacle of 1. Unrivalled power and performance with a bulletproof, fully forged engine, fresh built by our master technicians here in house. Stratagem iMap Fiesta ST Turbosmart Fiesta ST 1. Set of 4 TrackLite Alloy Wheels 17x7.